Wine Reviews

As a wine buyer, I’m constantly tasting wine.  You may think “what a job, you get paid to drink”.  Well, in actuality, I don’t drink the wines, I taste and spit.  I end up tasting A LOT of wines, and although it definitely is work, it is work that I really enjoy.  In the end it’s all worth it.  I find so many interesting wines.  Maybe TOO many – I can’t even bring them all in to put on the list at the wine bar.  All that effort doesn’t have to be wasted… I can share my favorites with you!

Each review will focus on something specific.  For example, the first review is on Champagne.  I’ll start with listing wines that are top sellers and easy to find, followed by my selections of wines to try.

What criteria do I use to for my selections?  I don’t just look for wines that I personally like and would want to drink.  I look for high-quality, well-made wines.  Wines that I would recommend and stand behind.  I will list them in order from lightest in style to more rich, so you can find what you like on the spectrum.

As I continue to taste wines, I’ll add more selections to the appropriate review.


Champagne Reviews